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Everyone loves a more rounded and projected buttocks, but as we age, it begins to hollow. This is natural. And when we gain weight around our waist, lower back and legs, it also reduces the shape of our rear-end. But we have a solution.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the most popular way to bring a more rounded, full shape to your buttocks. Dr. Farias has performed hundreds of these more natural procedures here at ilumaForma. (By the way, the BBL got its name because it first gained popularity in Brazil.)

So how does it work? We use the fat we remove from other parts of the body during a liposuction and put it into a new spot during a very commonly performed aesthetic plastic surgery. The procedure improves the fullness and shapeliness of the buttocks and hips. And it’s not just about the buttocks. The BBL also includes a “snatching” of the waist, which make the patient’s hips appear wider even without transferring fat due to the subconscious effect that happens when we see a narrower waist. The rear end will also project more when we improve the silhouette of the lower back skin, which happens during the liposuction involved in a BBL.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long do Brazilian Butt Lift results last? Your results will be long-lasting, but just like the rest of the fat in your body, will be susceptible to weight fluctuations. Also, although your body will naturally reabsorb and eliminate some of the fat that is injected during the procedure, years of experience have taught Dr. Farias to compensate for this so that you get the results you had been hoping to achieve.
  • What’s the recovery time for a BBL? Although recovery time varies depending on the patient, most people can return to work after 4 or 5 days, exercising in 4-6 weeks, but the final results take months to fully appreciate. Patients are encouraged to “baby their butt” for at least two weeks by not sitting directly on it, using a special pillow that helps you put pressure on your thighs instead of your buttocks. A compression garment will also decrease bruising and swelling and help loose skin retract. You will also need to sleep on your stomach or sides during your recovery.
  • What’s the difference between a BBL and butt implants? A BBL is considered a more natural procedure since it uses the fat that already forms part of your body. With a BBL, Dr. Farias is also able to better shape your behind and place fat in areas that need it. Implants are usually considered for patients who don’t have enough fat or have a hard time gaining weight. Butt implants have a very high complication rate, so Dr Farias considers the risks to outweigh the benefits and does not offer them to his patients.
  • Will I have much scarring? Farias is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon who takes great pride in minimizing scarring and delivering an aesthetic appearance you will be thrilled with. The BBL procedure involves several very small incisions leaving tiny scars that are almost all under bikini lines and fade over time. We will discuss this while prepping for your procedure.
  • What happens if I gain weight or become pregnant after a BBL? The fat cells that are moved from another area of your body to your butt will operate like any other fat cells in your body. They will grow or shrink, which means gaining weight can make your butt bigger. A good diet and exercise are crucial to maintaining the appearance you want.

The liposuction and fat transfer in a BBL do not have any impact on your fertility and pose no risk to future pregnancies. If you are planning on getting pregnant in the near future, we suggest you wait until after giving birth before planning your BBL.

If you have any questions regarding Brazilian Butt Lift procedure or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today at 630-426-6018.

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