Improve Your Back-End

A tight, perky tushy is something many people desire. But as we age, we begin to see hollowing in the buttocks. This is natural. And when we gain weight around our waist, lower back and legs, it also reduces the shape of our rear-end. But we have a solution.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the most popular way to bring a more rounded, full shape to your buttocks.

Dr. Farias has performed hundreds of these more natural procedures here at ilumaForma. (By the way, the BBL got its name because it first gained popularity in Brazil.)

So how does it work? We use the fat we remove from other parts of the body during liposuction and put it into a new spot during a very commonly performed aesthetic plastic surgery. The procedure improves the fullness and shapeliness of the buttocks and hips. And it’s not just about the buttocks. The BBL also includes a “snatching” of the waist, which make the patient’s hips appear wider even without transferring fat due to the subconscious effect that happens when we see a narrower waist. The rear end will also project more when we improve the silhouette of the lower back skin, which happens during the liposuction involved in a BBL.

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