Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States and is very safe when performed by an expert and experienced surgeon. It can improve the curves of the body, shaping the appearance most desired.

Liposuction procedures target fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise, like the fat around the tummy, legs and thighs, suctioning them out while under the effects of a local anesthetic (we use what is called a tumescent solution, which is a basic medicated solution) or in conjunction with Total IV Anesthesia (TIVA) in which the patient is put to sleep in a very safe alternative to a deeper General Anesthesia.

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Once the stubborn areas of fat have been reduced through the suctioning of the excess fat, years of experience allows Dr. Farias to expertly shape the body during the liposuction procedure to the desired outcome, targeting additional layers of fat that exist in deeper layers under the skin.

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